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We offer a broad range of exclusive experiences, unique tours, customized meetings and seminars for private and company groups, delegations and educational institutions.

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Introduction to Kista Science City

We will introduce you to and explore what is behind the triple helix collaboration model that has shaped the ICT cluster in Kista and made it into the third largest of its kind world-wide. The introduction will cover topics such as:

  • History of Kista Science City, how it all started.

  • The triple/quadruple helix cooperation structure;
    Business-, Academic and Public sector cooperation.

  • Presentation of Urban ICT Arena and the STING incubator.

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Seminars and lectures

We offer a broad range of seminars and lectures including topics such as:

  • The Urban ICT Arena – an open co-creation arena and test-bed in Kista.
    What are the aims of the arena and how does it work?

  • For most Swedes today, sustainability is a way of life.
    Why is Sweden at the forefront of sustainable development?

  • Stockholm occupies an exceptionally positive position when it comes to creating unicorn companies, that is privately owned companies with a valuation of more than 1 billion dollars.
    What are the driving forces behind Swedish unicorn companies?

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More and more our environmental and societal challenges become increasingly complex. Collaborative, holistic approaches and horizontal management skills across organizational and sometimes even national borders are needed to handle a growing complexity, with less resources and making full use of the potential in new technology development.

This workshop provides a first introduction to the governance of cross-disciplinary processes, working in teams in order to develop a strategy for defined societal challenges. The workshop takes 4 hours and the preferred number of participants is 4-25.

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Knowledge-sharing and collaboration:

We can act as a facilitator in connecting academic institutions, research institutes and businesses.

Contact us so that we can help you explore possible opportunities for collaboration.