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Would you like to discover Stockholm’s hidden gems by customizing your very own experience? Would you like to throw yourself into Swedish history, learn more about the wonders of Swedish technology or music, or would you like to discuss the political situation or maybe exchange views about the latest Nobel Laureates? Would you like to experience gripping adventures or the serenity of the natural world, or would you prefer to visit Stockholm’s most popular attractions?

Whatever your wishes, needs or interests, there is so much to see and experience in Stockholm. Stockholm is a fantastic city with its own unique flora and fauna, its closeness to water, and a wide range of amusements and cultural attractions. Your list of things to do can be endless and there are over a hundred museums, attractions and sights to choose from. Some of the more popular places you just cannot miss are the Vasamuseet, Stadshuset, Gamla Stan, the Royal Palace, Skansen, Moderna museet, ABBA the Museum, Millesgården and Fotografiska.

Stockholm Discovery knows that your guide has a key role to play in creating a successful visit to the city. Therefore, we make sure that all our guides share our commitment to excellence and each one of them has extensive knowledge and expertise in such wide-ranging subjects as art, history, sustainability, economics, politics, social studies and science. With our extensive knowledge, long experience and broad network, we at Stockholm Discovery have a unique opportunity to customize your visit and help create unforgettable memories and successful meetings. We are committed to making your visit to Stockholm a seamless and memorable experience, customized to your company’s needs.

You are welcome to contact us so that together we can plan your visit so that it meets your needs! We look forward to discovering Stockholm with you!


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Stockholm Discovery (formerly Stockholm Guide & Cruise Services) has been given the highest marks by our guests on TripAdvisor year after year. Read some of our reviews below.

*Stockholm Discovery formerly known as Stockholm Guide & Cruise Services.

*Stockholm Discovery formerly known as Stockholm Guide & Cruise Services.


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We understand the importance of exceeding expectations and are committed to making your Stockholm experience seamless and memorable, customized to your company’s needs. Our guides are carefully selected highly skilled professionals with long experience from the tourism industry. Thanks to the wide-ranging competence and expertise of our staff, we are able to offer you a broad spectrum of customized experiences, tours and lectures.

Our goal is to see you return home with your head full of new impressions, memories, hands-on knowledge and a heart filled with joy.


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